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Our facility hosts twenty (20) open top, custom 4' x 6' indoor Gator Kennels. These are connected together to either a 5’x10′ or 4' x 10' outdoor run.  We also have extra large size that are 6’x8′ indoor attached to a 5’x10’ outdoor run and made to host a family of dogs or a large breed loveable fur baby!

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We are situated on 7 beautiful acres which have been customized to be a Pup’s oasis with mature trees that are perfect for shade, and real grass for your pet to feel right at home.

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Each kennel includes clean and sanitized bowls, a raised cot and blanket in our climate controlled facility, soothing music at night and each kennel is assigned their own bin for each pet to bring their own special blanket, toy or treat from home!

Need to whisk away for work, vacation, or personal matters? We’ll be there to support you in taking care of your beloved pup while you are away.

  • Includes lots of love, cuddles, 2 play time sessions and plenty of potty breaks!
  • Check-in available all day (Monday - Saturday), checkout before 11am, Sunday 5 - 6pm or by appointment.
  • 20% Discount for additional dogs in the same kennel who can eat, sleep, and play together.
  • Peak Holiday Rates May Apply and require a minimum reservation of 3+ days.
  • “Holidays” include Easter, Memorial Day Weekend, Independence Day, Labor Day Weekend, Spring Break Week, and the week of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

Don’t forget to spoil your pup! Check out some upgrades you can add on to your Boarding services.

One-on-One Session (Customer's Choice)
Treat Stuffed Kong
Dental Stick Chew
Extra Play
Extra Walks
Nature Walks
Ask About our Inclusive Bundles
...and more

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